New – Naturno is now a thermal resort!

Experience healthy water in the Funggashof!

Mineralized thermal water  in our indoor pool: effectively relaxing, soothing, invigorating, revitalizing, regenerating, skin firming.

Wellness thoughts and enjoyment existed a long time ago. The Romans also appreciated the energy of warm springs and healing places.

At the Gasthof Bad Kochenmoos, once a well-known healing resort, the Kochlmoos health spring splashes out of the Sonnenberg at the foot of Juval Castle. Until the 1960s, bathers enjoyed medicinal baths and water cures in the historic bathhouse with wooden bathtubs. Whether rheumatism, arthritis or circulatory disorders, the warm mineral water provided relief and well-being. A newly built pipeline now fills our pool with thermal water from the depths of the Sonnenberg. The natural thermal water contains dissolved minerals such as fluorides, calcium, magnesium and sulphates. The health-promoting effect was demonstrated in a study conducted by the University of Pisa.

So, . . . nothing like diving into this wonderfully precious water – simply healing for body and soul and a fountain of youth for the skin!

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